A New Adventure Begins…

New Adventure
We’ve been on US terrain for 6 months now. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, highs and lows and everything in between since returning. After traveling around the world for a year, you get used to many different ways of life. You also get used to moving around frequently and finding stability within your family, rather than within your space. 

Our boys have always been adaptable and traveling makes them even more so. Each new door they opened, while on our trip, became home. They found a space on the floor, a table or anywhere to call their own, unzipped their backpacks, and set up their lego base and legos. That was the consistent way in which they defined their home for the night, few days or couple of weeks. Our Family, nature, the world around us and legos.

Many people often ask me how it feels to be settled for the moment. It’s been an adjustment and we appreciate many aspects of both. The one thing I always wish I could express in response to the most challenging part of not being on the road right now is this…

The intense stimulation of each and every sense we possess is constant. Every person, every structure, every train ride, every flight, every meal, every walk you take, every emotion, every bit of Love in your soul is heightened beyond explanation. Your mind and sense of being expand in ways only you will understand. You allow yourself to grow and change forever. This is what happens to me each time I travel…Each time I become one with another country, another culture, another human being, another part of myself. 

We are enjoying the routines and the many wonderful things an extended home life offers. I’m giggling as I write this. Extended home life? After living a long period without a home, cars and most possessions, I suppose that is exactly what this feels like. Something we appreciate and cherish every moment of, yet, something we are not attached to, dependent on or in need of.  

A new adventure will begin for us tomorrow. Our boys are both very familiar with the many remaining countries around the world and they each have destinations pinned to visit as part of their bucket lists. It’s never too early to start one of these and never too late to fulfill a dream. A journey experienced outside of whatever feels most comfortable is a journey worth taking. 

Although countries such as Mongolia, Albania, Madagascar, Turkey, Iceland and Greenland top their lists, we spontaneously made a decision to check off their # 2 for this expedition. #1 being Antarctica which will be taken when they are just a little older 🙂

We are off to the Last Frontier. The Great Land. The Land of the Midnight Sun. The largest state in the United States. Dana’s last remaining state in the USA to visit. Alaska.

We are looking forward to the majestic wonders and awe inspiring experiences. We are looking forward to another exciting journey as a family. We are looking forward to crossing paths with the people we are meant to meet in the upcoming weeks.  

Thank you all for joining us as we persevere through the unknown and discover all of the tiny, authentic components that make up who we are.


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