A Very Powerful and Proud Moment


Today we we spent several hours in a special and creative place for the kids.

The boys painted, colored, built legos, and many other fun things.

After a little while they went upstairs with a group of kids and they all played together. I sat below and could see and hear them but they couldn’t see me.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this because there was a point today when I truly saw the powerful impact of this trip on their precious little souls.

A woman was up there asking them lots of questions. They were so enthusiastic, animated and expressive. They were full of joy and life.

They told their names and ages and where they are from. They told her we’ve been traveling around the world for 8 months and that they love their lives and their parents. They went down the whole list of countries we’ve visited so far and highlights from each. They got so excited sharing the list of upcoming destinations and the fact that they will be going to Disneyland in Hong Kong very soon. They shared about all of the different languages they are hearing and the efforts they make to understand. Aston told her they will learn the languages so that they can talk to everyone.

As I was witnessing this, I found myself so proud. I was so proud to see them communicating so openly and enthusiastically. I was so proud to see them standing together as brothers and sharing their happiness with others. I saw their light and love shining brightly as they expressed themselves. I saw my two little boys as two young men. It was a moment. A very powerful moment.

I just wanted to share this with you. Time passes so quickly and to witness the marvel of your children growing and evolving is unlike anything else.

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