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Janga Fett






The Incredible Sled Dogs of Alaska


Please come and take a journey with us to the Alaskan racing dogs’ summer training camp and then fly with us above Juneau and experience this spectacular 12 mile long “Glacier Behind the Town,” Mendenhall Glacier.

We learned so much about these amazing dogs and this fascinating sport of dog racing. The practice of using dogs to pull sleds dates back to at least 2000 BC. It originated in Siberia and North America where many American Indian cultures used dogs to pull loads. The trainers, who each care for at least 10 plus dogs of their own, spend several months of the year in a tent at training camp or on long journeys across the state racing their dogs. We got to spend time with these wonderful people and understand their ways of life as well as the history and way of life for these precious and powerful dogs.

I always find it so interesting to step into another city, state, country, culture and imagine a life so different than my own. I love learning about others. Why they do what they do, where they sleep, what they eat, what matters to them. I am finding the people of Alaska to be kind and truly of the earth. They love nature, endure hardships within that nature and continue on with passion and diligence. The various terrains which make up this massive state are beyond spectacular.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp


Meet Balto. A true hero. Balto was a black Siberian husky sled dog who led his team on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome which was the most famous event in the history of Alaskan dog mushing. In January 1925, doctors realized that a potentially deadly diphtheria epidemic was poised to sweep through Nome’s young people. The only serum that could stop the outbreak was in Seattle, Washington, 2,800 miles (4,480 km) away. The engine of the only aircraft that could quickly deliver the medicine was frozen and would not start. After considering all of the alternatives, officials decided to move the medicine via multiple dog sled teams. The serum was transported by train from Anchorage to Nenana, where the first musher embarked as part of a relay aimed at delivering the needed serum to Nome. More than 20 mushers took part, facing a blizzard with −23 °F (-31 °C) temperatures and strong winds. News coverage of the event was worldwide. (wikipedia)

This famous run is commemorated by the annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race (the most popular sporting event in Alaska) which runs in early March from Anchorage to Nome. Mushers and a team of 16 dogs, of which at least 6 must be on the towline at the finish line, cover the distance in 9–15 days or more. Teams generally race through blizzards causing whiteout conditions, sub-zero temperatures and gale-force winds which can cause the wind chill to reach −100 °F (−73 °C). The strength, tenacity and endurance of these dogs and the people guiding them is unbelievable. We were amazed and truly inspired.

Summer Camp







My Mom is in heaven with all of these puppies!


Pure Love.

*Warning…Astounding Beauty to follow.


Heading up and over to Mendenhall Glacier


















What an unforgettable day. Thank you.


A New Adventure Begins…

New Adventure
We’ve been on US terrain for 6 months now. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, highs and lows and everything in between since returning. After traveling around the world for a year, you get used to many different ways of life. You also get used to moving around frequently and finding stability within your family, rather than within your space. 

Our boys have always been adaptable and traveling makes them even more so. Each new door they opened, while on our trip, became home. They found a space on the floor, a table or anywhere to call their own, unzipped their backpacks, and set up their lego base and legos. That was the consistent way in which they defined their home for the night, few days or couple of weeks. Our Family, nature, the world around us and legos.

Many people often ask me how it feels to be settled for the moment. It’s been an adjustment and we appreciate many aspects of both. The one thing I always wish I could express in response to the most challenging part of not being on the road right now is this…

The intense stimulation of each and every sense we possess is constant. Every person, every structure, every train ride, every flight, every meal, every walk you take, every emotion, every bit of Love in your soul is heightened beyond explanation. Your mind and sense of being expand in ways only you will understand. You allow yourself to grow and change forever. This is what happens to me each time I travel…Each time I become one with another country, another culture, another human being, another part of myself. 

We are enjoying the routines and the many wonderful things an extended home life offers. I’m giggling as I write this. Extended home life? After living a long period without a home, cars and most possessions, I suppose that is exactly what this feels like. Something we appreciate and cherish every moment of, yet, something we are not attached to, dependent on or in need of.  

A new adventure will begin for us tomorrow. Our boys are both very familiar with the many remaining countries around the world and they each have destinations pinned to visit as part of their bucket lists. It’s never too early to start one of these and never too late to fulfill a dream. A journey experienced outside of whatever feels most comfortable is a journey worth taking. 

Although countries such as Mongolia, Albania, Madagascar, Turkey, Iceland and Greenland top their lists, we spontaneously made a decision to check off their # 2 for this expedition. #1 being Antarctica which will be taken when they are just a little older 🙂

We are off to the Last Frontier. The Great Land. The Land of the Midnight Sun. The largest state in the United States. Dana’s last remaining state in the USA to visit. Alaska.

We are looking forward to the majestic wonders and awe inspiring experiences. We are looking forward to another exciting journey as a family. We are looking forward to crossing paths with the people we are meant to meet in the upcoming weeks.  

Thank you all for joining us as we persevere through the unknown and discover all of the tiny, authentic components that make up who we are.


New Days. New Possibilities.


As I await hot water for my comforting morning tea, I look out the window and truly enjoy what I see and hear. We have a lovely tree in our backyard with my favorite color pink petals dangling from it. The buds from which they blossom are heart shaped. This tree was meant to be in my daily view. Hummingbirds flutter about everywhere, doves bathe in the sunlight and the harmonious sounds of the flocks chirping, soothe my soul.

The boys and I got up early and went bike riding and roller blading. We stopped and played at a nearby park… the park where we last enjoyed our time with Savvy. I felt her there amongst the beautiful lavender and the scent of fresh rosemary bushes. She so enjoyed that day. I wonder if she was taking it all in as intensely as she appeared to be, because she knew it would be her last. She followed the boys up into the tree house. She walked through the grass as they played soccer. She sniffed the roses just as I always do and I felt her joy and contentment. I miss her so much.

This morning, as we were about to head home, a golden retriever started walking toward us with her owner. We all froze, as she looked exactly like Savvy. Her name was Gracie. We sat and touched her and felt such a wonderful connection with this sweet girl. Aston asked if it was Savvy. He kept petting her and seemed a bit confused. He asked, “Mommy, if Savvy died, how can she still be here? Do you think that guy picked her up and took her after she died and now that’s Savvy again with a different name? How could he pick her up if she’s heavy? Especially after she died when she can’t even assist him by getting up?”

Our boys are feeling the loss and the love so very much. This is their first experience with death and what it truly means. They miss her deeply, yet they feel joy when they imagine her happily playing and eating everything she wants up in the sky. They ask so many questions. They feel and experience life wholeheartedly and it is truly incredible to witness and be a part of.

I find that I am undergoing a deep transformation as my present unravels itself to me. I’m often confused about my state of being since we’ve returned and I’m doing my best to reconcile what appears to be unsettled in this transition. I embrace dolefulness and my heavy heart. I embrace peace of mind, good spirits and elation. I am grateful for my family and my life. I will continue to place confidence in the process and continue moving forward each day.

This soul-searching introspection is not new to me. It just feels a bit different this time after what I experienced the past year abroad. So many portholes have been unlocked and the channels are now exposed and awakened. Here is to a new day with new possibilities.

Sending Much Love to You.


Our Beautiful Angel is Running Free


I am so sad to share this news today as I’ve been unable to utter anything but tears for days. On Tuesday, we lost our dear and beloved golden retriever, Savvy. My heart is broken and I am so devastated. Whenever I experience loss, I do my best to imagine the happiness, joy and relief from suffering one encounters when their soul is set free.

This vision helps as time goes on but nothing alleviates the overwhelming pain initially. When someone passes on, I believe they are okay. We, the ones left behind, suffer deeply without them. We miss their faces, their routines, their warmth, their love. I miss my girl so much already and I cannot believe she is gone.

Savvy will forever be in my heart. In our hearts. She will walk beside us and her spirit will live within and around our family always. She was a pure angel with the deepest and kindest soul. I am beyond grateful for every second I got to be a part of her precious life.

I am constantly reminded how boundless and yet, how fragile this life is. I have been very sensitive and emotional lately as I adjust to a new way of life for the time being. Losing Savvy in the midst of this hazy and introspective period, has thrown me off-kilter even more. I always say things happen for a reason but I will never understand cancer. In time, we may process and heal but the pain and suffering as we experience days without someone who was once there, are unbearable.

I thank our darling Savvy for granting us such pure, gentle, bountiful and divine love each day. Our boys miss her terribly already also. Each day, as we kiss her photo and tell her we love her, they reassure me that she is always with us and always in our hearts. Pierce tells me he feels her everywhere and Aston comforts me by saying she will always be lying at my feet, wherever I am. He also looks up at the sky throughout the day and proclaims Savvy sightings. He says she is running faster than she’s ever run and eating everything and anything she wants. They both say she is happy, free and cozy in the clouds and for that, I will take their word and do my best to find peace as I grieve.

Love with your whole heart. Each and every moment. Time with our loved ones is truly the most precious gift ever.

We Love You Forever, Our Beautiful Baby, Savvy Girl.

FrankfortFamily copy














My sister saw this in the sky the evening Savvy passed.  We Love you so much Savvy girl.

My sister saw this in the sky the evening Savvy passed. We Love you so much Savvy.


Beyond the Fog, I See a Life


This was one of my very favorite and cherished places in Queenstown, New Zealand. I reveled in such peace here as the boys played with new friends, climbed wonderfully entrenched trees, built stick houses and splashed through the water with pure, uninhibited joy.

I was so connected to myself. My family. The Earth. My Purpose. I found a home and I saw a life. I was deeply inspired and knew as I sat there each day, that I would create something indicative of the intense love and serenity I experienced in that very spot.

Since we’ve returned to the States, I have been in somewhat of a fog. I can’t seem to find a better way to describe what I’m feeling and I couldn’t find the words…until now. I’ve been adjusting and we’re all establishing a new way of life, day by day. We’ve been very busy getting organized and chartering new footing in a new territory.

Witnessing our boys enthusiastically embracing their new “present” state of home is delightful. They are so happy and so content. They appreciate such simple things and their full self expression as they enjoy them fills me with such pride and joy. We are savoring each moment as we weave through each day creating new roads, new memories and a new geographical existence for the time being.


I thank you all for your beautiful letters and the love you’ve been sending. I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch and I’m so happy to share and re-connect with you now.

This profound emotion which constantly pulsates through every fiber of my being, is eagerly seeking liberation. As new roots embed their appendages into the foundation of my soul, I shall graciously accept and welcome the shifts, the unfolding and the imminent evolution.

Here’s to a new chapter which for us, is about to begin. Here’s to persevering beyond a familiar and traditional framework within this precious life we appreciate every day.

Thank you all for accompanying us on this journey. Sending much Love and many hugs from all of us.


The Beginning of Our Next Chapter…

us in sydney

One Year ago today, we left Los Angeles to travel around the world. We discovered and experienced worlds and people far beyond our familiar spectrums.

We are so grateful for the amazing individuals we met along the way and we truly have extended our family with all of you. It’s as if you were all absolutely meant to be there, in those exact moments, crossing our paths…for a reason.

We want to thank you for joining us on this life-changing journey. We hope you’ll continue to join us for our upcoming projects and adventures ahead. We have no idea where we will spend our next chapter but the unknown is very exciting for all of us.

A wise, world traveling friend said something to us when he visited us in Kyoto and we’ll never forget it.

He said, whenever he returns from one of his trips, it’s as if he lived another lifetime.

He inspired the title of my book and Dana will be making an album with the same name.


This is what we’ve lived in this past year and this is what we will look forward to sharing further with you.

I love my life. I love my family. I am grateful beyond explanation for them and for every second I get to be here.

Much, Much Love from all of Us.



My Husband. Their Father. Our Foundation.


I am not one to usually share about my personal relationship with my husband but today, I would like to publicly profess my sincere and deep love and appreciation for this amazing man.

I have known Dana for over half of my life. We have grown so much as individuals and as a couple over the years. We are so proud of the family we’ve created and our boys give us the greatest joy each day. They solidified what was already an enduring foundation into the strongest and most important bond we will ever experience. Our family.

This past year abroad has enlightened, inspired and awakened all of us. We are more connected with one another, the world and others, than ever before. What we’ve experienced together as a family, no one can ever take away from us. We will move forward in our lives with choices based on this broad and cultivated perspective we’ve gained.

My husband makes all of this possible. He works so hard and is so committed each and every day. He wants to not only provide for us but it is his goal each day, to give us the best life possible. He is the strength we need, the man we respect and the Daddy we adore. I love him more than I can ever express and our boys absolutely cherish their father.

myguys copy

He turns our dreams into realities. He gives us the opportunities we are so grateful for. He makes a difference in our lives every day.

I’ve always loved the title of Dana’s last album…The End of the Beginning.

This is not the end but rather, the end of one Chapter. New beginnings are exciting and what’s next for us will soon be revealed.

I will always remember this adventure which will live on in all of us. I am thrilled to discover the unknown around the corner. I am forever grateful for my dear husband. I thank you for making it possible to color our lives so vibrantly with the spirited shades we choose. I Love You, my darling, Dana.


The Best Part


This is a new song, dedicated to my wife, from my upcoming album. Without her, this journey never would have happened. This is for being the most incredible person I know.

She wakes everything in me
Things I’ve never seen
A lightness that’s never been
Seeing the cracks in my shell
She has sealed my hollowed self

And so she is
The Sun that burns away the night
And so she is
The moon that illuminates what’s right
And so she is
A lake so calm and still
And so she is
A current so strong she pulls you at will

Like a winter storm she comes
To clear out the debris
Like a summer wind she comes
To bask in a gentle breeze
She’s always been the one who sees
The strength in those of need
I call her the deepest ocean I’ve ever seen
I call her the highest mountain I’ll never reach
I call her the best part of me



Glacier Beauty


This was a very special day. We hiked to beautiful glaciers. The conditions at Franz Josef glacier weren’t great so we did a brief walk to the top and got a bit of an overview. An hour down the road, we stopped and hiked down to Fox Glacier. It was amazing. The ice was turquoise.

The lake we view from our window each day is turquoise also and we found out why. It is glacier water and it absolutely takes my breath away each time I look at it.

There are moments, pretty much each day, when I am blown away by where we are and what we are doing. This day was one of those days. As we walked through this cold and rocky terrain, we were amazed. I love that we are all experiencing so much. I love that we are so connected to nature and the outdoors daily. I strongly believe it is through these connections with Mother Earth that we truly connect with ourselves.

Our boys find so much pleasure in such simple things. Sticks, rocks, streams, and trees can create a day filled with adventure and fun. It is in nature that their curiosity and imagination flourish and I witness them processing and discovering through all of it. What a stimulating and exciting playground this world is.

Please enjoy these photos of our walk over streams, up hills and through the ice.














We were standing at the top here and heard the loudest rumbling noise echoing through the mountains. As we looked up, we witnessed a major rock slide. It was unbelievable. There were people just below it and thankfully the rocks didn’t make it all the way down to them or us. The forces of nature and the beauty within it astound me every day.




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