About the Four of Us

melugebioABoutHi! I am so grateful for this opportunity to travel the world with my family. I’ve always loved traveling and I believe it is so important for personal awareness, growth and perspective. The experiences we are sharing as a family on this journey, awaken my soul. The greatest role of my life is being the Mother of our two precious boys. I Love my family with all of my heart and we are growing, learning, sharing, discovering, and connecting…with each other and with the world. I am truly thankful for my life and for each and every moment I am alive. It is our attitude, love and patience that get us through everything. I am loving each moment.

dbarrierHello. This is an adventure I’ve wanted to take my whole life. I’ve traveled a bit already but to now do this with my family, is more than I dreamed of. As a father I feel that this is one of the greatest gifts I can give my family. I am working from the road but I am much more present and living and experiencing what is right in front of us in this very large world. I am enjoying long shoulder rides and runs through amazing parks while witnessing the awe and curiosity on our boy’s faces every step of the way. I used to be someone who didn’t enjoy change much. Well, here we are on an ever changing, unknowing, amazing, once in a lifetime adventure.

ptreebioHi. I am so excited that I get to be on a big adventure around the world with my family. I love the world map and pointing out the route we are on. My favorite places so far are Bali and Costa Rica. I love swimming with all of the fish and writing in the sand. My little brother and I love being superheroes all around the world and keeping everyone safe. I love sports and playing soccer in Spain with my Daddy,tennis anywhere I find a court and running everywhere I can. I love to paint like my Mommy and I also enjoy building legos very much. We are vegetarians and we always stop and visit cows, sheep, pigs and other animals along the way. I feel very lucky and happy.

AstonPeace bio flHello. I am so, so excited about being on a big, long trip with my family. I love planes, trains, subways and all modes of transportation. I also love calling taxis on the side of the road. I feel like I want to learn different languages. My favorite places so far are Bali and Thailand. I love all animals. My big brother and I are protecting the planet as superheroes. We keep our family safe and wear our capes when we need to fly. I love painting and playing soccer and baseball. I am just happy that I get to be with my family and we are having so much fun on our adventure.

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