Damien Rice. Trusty and True.

Damien Rice

When I happened upon the compelling force of Damien Rice and his profoundly expressive and intensely emotional music, I felt I was introduced to a kindred spirit. His deeply soulful voice has been a part of my every day for many years and he is the catalyst in my reflection and introspection like no other.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing his distinctly powerful energy and music at a beautiful, intimate church in Los Angeles. I shared my thoughts in a previous post and expressed how affected I was by it all. Here I am again, still affected, still inspired and wanting to share a bit more with you.

I’m writing a book at the moment and as I go through this roller coaster of a journey, I sometimes question my voice, my direction, my truth and how much of it I am truly going to disclose in the end. How much of it is a release of emotions for personal growth and how much of it will contribute to the story I intend to share. As the days go by, I’m realizing that the answer to these questions don’t really matter. I will continue showing up, placing fingers to keyboard, pen to paper and the answers will further reveal themselves each day.

What matters is that I speak from my heart. That I fearlessly and vulnerably allow the process to flow through me and I don’t allow anything or anyone to hold me back. I will not let myself become attached to the outcome, the approval or lack thereof. My integrity, my truth, my self. These are the stimulants creating the words and thoughts which reside on the pages I compose.

I am grateful for the inspiration of Damien Rice.

I feel his passion, his sadness, his yearning, his pain, his tenderness, his depth. I feel his truth. I feel connected. I admire him for his candor and his beautifully, authentic expression.

His lyrics are so raw, so poignant and so revealing. Each word, each strum of his guitar, each encounter with the keys of the piano, captivates me and speaks in a way that provokes what I need to awaken.

His willingness and ability to expose his heart and vulnerability is just beautiful. He eloquently unravels his existence through his music. Fervidly. Openly. Lustfully. He isn’t trying to fit in or be anyone other than himself and his genuineness is consoling and inspiring. As he embodies and embraces his actuality, he encourages and reassures me to do the same.

Damien Rice, I marvel at your centeredness, your connection to your Self, your Purpose, your Voice.

We all want to be heard and understood. Through your music, I hear you. Through your voice, I hear my own.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lastly, I’d like to share two recent, amazingly powerful performances which truly took my breath away…

As always. ❤

Morning Becomes Eclectic with Damien Rice

Live from the Michelberger Lobby Berlin 2014



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