Beyond the Fog, I See a Life


This was one of my very favorite and cherished places in Queenstown, New Zealand. I reveled in such peace here as the boys played with new friends, climbed wonderfully entrenched trees, built stick houses and splashed through the water with pure, uninhibited joy.

I was so connected to myself. My family. The Earth. My Purpose. I found a home and I saw a life. I was deeply inspired and knew as I sat there each day, that I would create something indicative of the intense love and serenity I experienced in that very spot.

Since we’ve returned to the States, I have been in somewhat of a fog. I can’t seem to find a better way to describe what I’m feeling and I couldn’t find the words…until now. I’ve been adjusting and we’re all establishing a new way of life, day by day. We’ve been very busy getting organized and chartering new footing in a new territory.

Witnessing our boys enthusiastically embracing their new “present” state of home is delightful. They are so happy and so content. They appreciate such simple things and their full self expression as they enjoy them fills me with such pride and joy. We are savoring each moment as we weave through each day creating new roads, new memories and a new geographical existence for the time being.


I thank you all for your beautiful letters and the love you’ve been sending. I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch and I’m so happy to share and re-connect with you now.

This profound emotion which constantly pulsates through every fiber of my being, is eagerly seeking liberation. As new roots embed their appendages into the foundation of my soul, I shall graciously accept and welcome the shifts, the unfolding and the imminent evolution.

Here’s to a new chapter which for us, is about to begin. Here’s to persevering beyond a familiar and traditional framework within this precious life we appreciate every day.

Thank you all for accompanying us on this journey. Sending much Love and many hugs from all of us.


Six Extraordinary Years…

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Six years ago, February 4, 2008, my life, as I knew it, changed forever. I gave birth to my first child, my beautiful and darling son, Pierce.

Witnessing the miracle of pregnancy and giving birth, gave me a strength and a knowing like I never had before that day. That maternal instinct I’d always heard about completely took over my being. It gave and continues to give me the confidence I once lacked. It allows me to trust the decisions I make based on this omnipotent instinct. I may make mistakes but I don’t doubt this powerful feeling in my heart, my soul or my gut. I am grateful for it’s guidance and the strength and courage it gives me.

 Pierce inspires me every day. His gentle and compassionate heart reflects the beautiful soul he embodies. He is so expressive, creative, athletic and inquisitive. His love and spirit brighten and enlighten any space he’s in and anything or anyone he touches. He is my first born son. He is my baby. My big boy. My heart. My angel. I love him more than I can ever express and he certainly knows this fact.

I never knew that becoming a mother would change me so deeply and so profoundly. I never knew that I would be awakened to my true life’s purpose and inspired to love and appreciate every second more than before. I never knew that I would be given the greatest responsibility and role of my life. I never knew I could LOVE so purely and unselfishly. I never knew what a true miracle was until that inexplicable day, six years ago.

I love my family. I love being a Mother. I love witnessing the miracles of our sons before me as they discover, learn and grow each day. Living life through the eyes of our children, experiencing the wondrous nature of our world together and sharing the most beautiful and deepest love any of us have ever known, is what this fascinating and incredible life is all about.

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Pierce has been sick with the flu these past couple of days so we are doing our best to celebrate under the circumstances. He is so excited to be six and looks forward to all this year as a big boy will bring. We thank you all for your happy wishes on this very special day.

Happy Birthday, my precious Pierce. I love you more than you know.


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