The Beginning of Our Next Chapter…

us in sydney

One Year ago today, we left Los Angeles to travel around the world. We discovered and experienced worlds and people far beyond our familiar spectrums.

We are so grateful for the amazing individuals we met along the way and we truly have extended our family with all of you. It’s as if you were all absolutely meant to be there, in those exact moments, crossing our paths…for a reason.

We want to thank you for joining us on this life-changing journey. We hope you’ll continue to join us for our upcoming projects and adventures ahead. We have no idea where we will spend our next chapter but the unknown is very exciting for all of us.

A wise, world traveling friend said something to us when he visited us in Kyoto and we’ll never forget it.

He said, whenever he returns from one of his trips, it’s as if he lived another lifetime.

He inspired the title of my book and Dana will be making an album with the same name.


This is what we’ve lived in this past year and this is what we will look forward to sharing further with you.

I love my life. I love my family. I am grateful beyond explanation for them and for every second I get to be here.

Much, Much Love from all of Us.



A Piece of My Heart…


…will always remain in Queenstown.❤

Here is the breathtaking path outside our door which we enjoyed every day. I don’t think this post needs many words…I’ll let the photos do the talking.















Another one of the Happiest days of my life.


My Husband. Their Father. Our Foundation.


I am not one to usually share about my personal relationship with my husband but today, I would like to publicly profess my sincere and deep love and appreciation for this amazing man.

I have known Dana for over half of my life. We have grown so much as individuals and as a couple over the years. We are so proud of the family we’ve created and our boys give us the greatest joy each day. They solidified what was already an enduring foundation into the strongest and most important bond we will ever experience. Our family.

This past year abroad has enlightened, inspired and awakened all of us. We are more connected with one another, the world and others, than ever before. What we’ve experienced together as a family, no one can ever take away from us. We will move forward in our lives with choices based on this broad and cultivated perspective we’ve gained.

My husband makes all of this possible. He works so hard and is so committed each and every day. He wants to not only provide for us but it is his goal each day, to give us the best life possible. He is the strength we need, the man we respect and the Daddy we adore. I love him more than I can ever express and our boys absolutely cherish their father.

myguys copy

He turns our dreams into realities. He gives us the opportunities we are so grateful for. He makes a difference in our lives every day.

I’ve always loved the title of Dana’s last album…The End of the Beginning.

This is not the end but rather, the end of one Chapter. New beginnings are exciting and what’s next for us will soon be revealed.

I will always remember this adventure which will live on in all of us. I am thrilled to discover the unknown around the corner. I am forever grateful for my dear husband. I thank you for making it possible to color our lives so vibrantly with the spirited shades we choose. I Love You, my darling, Dana.


Safe in Sydney


We just arrived safely and we’re back in Sydney!

You all know of my recent issues with flying and I must say this…today’s flight was absolutely perfect.

The skies cleared for us and the early morning hours as the sun rose, were just beautiful.

I always ask to see the pilots if they aren’t there to say goodbye to and today, the boys and I got to go in the cockpit and thank them for such a perfect flight.

I always walk or fly through any fears I face, head on. Whenever we land, I am thankful for the pilots and everyone involved in making air transportation the safest form of travel.

I’m also always grateful upon landing, to be standing on foreign grounds. I’m always excited for the people and experiences meant to cross our paths in the upcoming days.

I  want you all to know how much I appreciate you being on this amazing journey with our family.

Sending so much Love from glorious Sydney. 

The Best Part


This is a new song, dedicated to my wife, from my upcoming album. Without her, this journey never would have happened. This is for being the most incredible person I know.

She wakes everything in me
Things I’ve never seen
A lightness that’s never been
Seeing the cracks in my shell
She has sealed my hollowed self

And so she is
The Sun that burns away the night
And so she is
The moon that illuminates what’s right
And so she is
A lake so calm and still
And so she is
A current so strong she pulls you at will

Like a winter storm she comes
To clear out the debris
Like a summer wind she comes
To bask in a gentle breeze
She’s always been the one who sees
The strength in those of need
I call her the deepest ocean I’ve ever seen
I call her the highest mountain I’ll never reach
I call her the best part of me



Luge ‘N Love


Here is our view from the top of Queenstown after an exciting and steep ride up on the gondola. Absolutely Breathtaking. We had the most amazing day and huge smiles were plastered on our faces through every moment.

Queenstown is a town filled with amazing adventures. Bungee jumping, luge riding, parasailing, mountain biking, skydiving, and parachuting off the top of mountains…to name a few. I am so in love with this place. I’ve always been quite fearless and adventurous when it comes to these things and this is a serious playground to stimulate and fulfill this spirit within myself and my three guys.

Another day I am so grateful for and will always remember.




photo 4


me and tookluge flotg


lugeaston flotg


This was one of the best and happiest days of my life. ❤

Pierce gondola


Glacier Beauty


This was a very special day. We hiked to beautiful glaciers. The conditions at Franz Josef glacier weren’t great so we did a brief walk to the top and got a bit of an overview. An hour down the road, we stopped and hiked down to Fox Glacier. It was amazing. The ice was turquoise.

The lake we view from our window each day is turquoise also and we found out why. It is glacier water and it absolutely takes my breath away each time I look at it.

There are moments, pretty much each day, when I am blown away by where we are and what we are doing. This day was one of those days. As we walked through this cold and rocky terrain, we were amazed. I love that we are all experiencing so much. I love that we are so connected to nature and the outdoors daily. I strongly believe it is through these connections with Mother Earth that we truly connect with ourselves.

Our boys find so much pleasure in such simple things. Sticks, rocks, streams, and trees can create a day filled with adventure and fun. It is in nature that their curiosity and imagination flourish and I witness them processing and discovering through all of it. What a stimulating and exciting playground this world is.

Please enjoy these photos of our walk over streams, up hills and through the ice.














We were standing at the top here and heard the loudest rumbling noise echoing through the mountains. As we looked up, we witnessed a major rock slide. It was unbelievable. There were people just below it and thankfully the rocks didn’t make it all the way down to them or us. The forces of nature and the beauty within it astound me every day.




Moo Moo, I Love You.


I’d like to introduce you to a couple of new friends…darling Tinkerbell and bashful, yet dear, Carrots.

These precious cows are owned by the family I shared with you in my last post. They are loved and cared for. When we pulled into the property and I saw the two of them, I knew we were led there for a reason.

Michael and Sharon’s son, Harry, took us out to visit them. Tinkerbell let us touch her and enjoyed our presence. She just stared, batted her beautiful lashes and melted my heart. Carrots was shy but she connected with me from a slight distance and I felt her loving soul just as much. Can you see the beautiful heart imprinted on her coat? Tinkerbell has one also. I was amazed to see these the moment I saw them, yet not surprised. This love and these signs are everywhere. I am led to them and I am open to experiencing and discovering love each day.



photo 2



Michael grew up on a farm so I decided to ask him some questions, which I was afraid to hear the answers to, but was seeking some kind of comfort in the truth, if there was any to be had. I appreciated his honest responses and although it comforted me somewhat based on the way animals are treated in his country and on his land, it doesn’t take away from the harsh realities that exist elsewhere in our world. Animals have voices yet many don’t listen. They have no protection against the cruel and abusive slaughtering methods used. They have nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. They watch their babies being carted away, they watch others drop dead right next to them. How can they not understand or be affected by this.

I believe I was a cow in a past life. I quietly roamed pastures in New Zealand and lived peacefully. It’s been interesting connecting with this fact over the past year as we’ve seen and visited so many farms and farm animals around the world.




I’ve shared on this topic many times and I must say, the need to share on it only gets stronger over time. I’ve spoken about the fact that I understand the concept of the circle of life, as everyone often explains, to justify the need for these precious animals as commodities.

As we drive through the countrysides, I am always overwhelmed with sadness. Although we pull over and blow kisses and send love to all of the animals, I can’t help but think about their fate. I see families of sheep, deer and cows huddled together under trees in the shade, I see little lambs running and playing while their mothers watch, I see calves drinking milk and their mothers adoring them. I see life. I see love. I will never understand.

I used to look away when livestock trucks would pass us on the street because I just couldn’t handle it. Now, I stare at them and make eye contact just to let them know they are loved. I often wonder if they ever are. I hear they are treated well because of their monetary value but I don’t know if anyone ever goes out and touches them, talks to them, connects with them. They are such human creatures. Have you ever gotten up close and looked in the eyes of cow? Have you ever seen the depth in their eyes, their long eye lashes and felt their innocent and gentle nature? I have. Again, I will never understand.

photo 3

When we live in a place where animals are packaged and simply items on a grocery list, it may be easier to turn an eye and not think about it. Many were raised eating animals and don’t know or even care to know another way. To each his own. I am not a preacher. I am not telling you what to do. I simply must share my thoughts as I experience them. I don’t want to debate on the topic or hear why it’s ignorant to believe these precious creatures should be left alone.

A friend recently posted a video of a cow walking up the slaughter line to her last moment. Just looking at the back of her head broke my heart. I couldn’t even watch the video. Gene Baur of the Farm Sanctuary inspires me every day. He is determined and passionate about the rights and lives of farm animals. He gives me hope. One Ag-Gag bill and life, saved at a time. My boys and I are looking so forward to joining their group and efforts when we return to the States.

My questions and sadness on this topic will continue. I feel the need to express my love and voice for beautiful creatures who do feel, who do love and who do understand.



Just as we can’t live in fear of our determined or undetermined fate, I know an animal can’t either. We all must live and enjoy each and every moment. I don’t know if I made a difference in my life as a cow but I know that in this life, I do my best every day. Sending Love and Peace to all.

Thank you again, Sharon, Michael and Harry for letting us spend time with your sweet and lovely cows.


The Little Things…There’s Nothing Bigger

Trampoline FLOTG

In just a couple of weeks, we will be reaching our ONE YEAR mark since we left the United States. Each day on this journey stimulates and inspires me. I’ve always appreciated the little things and I never thought it was possible to understand and cherish them even more.

I always speak of how life changing this trip has been and continues to be. It is. Life Changing. My awareness and perspective have expanded beyond boundaries I never knew existed. Being introduced to other parts of the world, the people within it and all that encompasses the unknown elements of my familiar existence, have awakened my soul beyond explanation. I am often overwhelmed by the love, beauty, and majestic nature of this world, my family and my life. My gratitude for every second is immense.

We have been quite lucky on our journey and we leave most days up to wherever the wind blows us. We rarely plan in advance and when we have to, we plan with broad strokes. We drift, we arrive, we discover, we play. On this particular day recently, we had been driving several hours with beautiful stops along the way. When we arrived in the city, meant to be our stopover point, everything was booked for the night. We didn’t worry and trusted something special was around the corner. I just didn’t realize how special.

The next city in the direction we were heading was a couple of hours away and it was already evening. So, we decided to head back in the direction we came from. Dana saw a sign and after he passed it, insisted we had to turn around. This sign was off of a dirt road in between two towns. We went with it.

As we drove down the splendid, gravel road, we saw horses on the right and cows and sheep on the left. I knew this was going to be perfect. We pulled in to a lovely home and a warm and smiling face appeared on the driveway. One room was available and we immediately felt at home.

The boys ran out and screamed with excitement when they saw the backyard. Pirate hats and treasures, a slide, sandbox, trampoline, and every other thing two little boys could want. They played for hours and Dana and I couldn’t have been happier.

New River Bluegums is a delightful B & B owned by a wonderful family, Sharon, Michael and their son, Harry. Harry is 7 and such a sweet boy and an excellent tennis player. We extended our stay because we truly felt at home in their home and the boys didn’t want to leave. We had soccer games, tennis matches, trampoline adventures, great conversation, and enchanting piano music provided by Pierce.

They have two cows named Tinkerbell and Carrots whom I’m devoting my next post to. I have a lot to say about them and I only wish they would have fit in our truck because I already miss them.

This visit was so special to us and it is in these moments, as I always share with you, that we are grateful for the unknown. The unexpected treasures. The family we are building around the world, along our way on this journey through life.















Chef Daddy, Mommy & sweet and handsome Coco (patiently waiting for a bite)


Family FLOTG

I don’t believe that appreciation for the little things only comes from traveling. I believe we simply have to choose to open our eyes. In every moment. People we meet, lavender fields we cross, inconvenient detours throughout our days…are meant to be there. There is significance in everything and beauty and meaning can be found everywhere.

Thank you so much Sharon, Michael and Harry for your warm and kind hospitality, delicious brownies and such fun filled days. We are so happy to know you and we look forward to visiting again.

The road to your home is not an obvious one, nor is it in an area that most would see in passing. This fact reminds me of the road of life. The best roads aren’t the obvious ones. They aren’t even the paved ones with bright lights and clear signs directing you to the front door. The best roads are the ones we choose or sometimes choose us. The ones that sometimes find us and lead us somewhere unfamiliar and yet, more familiar than the ones most traveled. You’ve created a very special home and you are a very special family. Thank you so much for sharing your home and your family with us. Until Next time…


On the Road to Wellington


Welcome to New Zealand. It has been 11 months since we left the United States. We are going to spend a month here in this gorgeous country and plan on taking in as much of this spectacular scenery as possible.

We don’t plan ahead and have been very fortunate on our journey so far. We pull into places when we arrive and most of the time they end up working out for us. We had no idea we were arriving in New Zealand during their busiest season. Our plans for a camper van didn’t work out as everyone else had the same idea. So, Dana had a wonderful thought the night before we left Auckland…to take the scenic train South.

Everyone told us to get to the South as soon as possible with our limited time. So, we made a plan to get here via lovely scenery and exciting transportation. This is the first part of our journey en route to Wellington, NZ’s capital city, which is in the Southern part of the North Island.

We met a wonderful family on the train and the kids laughed and played and took in the beauty together for our peaceful and breathtaking 12 hour trip. It’s during times like these when I truly see our boys in their natural light with others. I witness how much they’ve grown and evolved on this journey around the world. I see how secure and comfortable they are with themselves which I attribute to the love and attachment we all share together as a family. It makes me so proud. They make me so proud. I love their full self expression and enthusiasm for life. I love their compassionate hearts, gentle kindness and enduring strength. I am so grateful for every moment in this life and as their mother. I am so grateful for my husband. I love my family more than I can ever express.

Please enjoy the scenery and a brief glimpse into the world of these children and the gorgeous terrain of New Zealand.




sheep copy














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