Surfer’s Paradise


Here are some of the highlights from our visit to Surfer’s Paradise and Broad Beach.

We enjoyed the beautiful beaches, fireworks and friends. I got to spend time with Shawn and Shane Chapman, friends from high school in California. It’s wonderful experiencing familiarity with friends so far away and sharing stories about this precious life together.

Broad Beach

Broad Beach2



Finding a Benihana in a city along the way makes the boys so happy! Dana found this one in Surfer’s Paradise so we decided to have a special birthday dinner here for Aston. It was absolutely delicious and wonderful.




James Nobleza. Best Concierge. Ever.

James and BoysFLOTG

I’d like to introduce you to the kindest, warmest, most hospitable and special concierge we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

James Nobleza.

We instantly bonded upon meeting and we all knew a beautiful connection was made and a dear friendship would bloom.

James made our holidays in a hotel feel like home. He sent the boys soy milk and special treats every afternoon, like these…
When the doorbell rang each day, the boys excitedly ran to answer it to see what he delivered.


He endured high fives that our boys energetically wound up for him each day. He got us a Christmas tree and boxes of candy canes for the boys to decorate with. I could go on and on about all of the care and love he put into each kind action. In addition, and mostly, I want to share about his huge heart, delightful energy and beaming and contagious smile. He made us feel so welcome, comfortable and special each day.

We are now heading off to New Zealand after almost two glorious months here in Australia. We will not only miss this spectacular country and the magical beauty of Sydney, we will also miss our new friend, James. I just wanted you all to see this happy and smiling face and know that truly wonderful people exist everywhere. Whenever we cross paths with one of these unique souls, and you know who you are, we always say that our meeting was definitely part of our journey. We are so grateful for the meaningful connections we’ve made on this trip. You have all impacted our lives and our friendships will only grow over time…no matter the distance.

Thank you for everything, James. We will always remember our December in Sydney and we will always have the fondest memories of you and your kindness. We look forward to meeting your wife and children and having our families spend family time together in California. See you again very soon. Wishing you a Happy and Marvelous New Year.

With Lots of Love, High Fives and Hugs,

The Frankfort Family


The Glorious Great Barrier Reef


We celebrated Aston’s 4th Birthday in Port Douglas. We spent the day on the Great Barrier Reef at the very edge of the Continental Shelf.

It was an experience of a lifetime for all of us. We took 2 submarine rides, snorkeled and spent time in the underwater observatory. It was a day we’ll always remember.

The beauty in nature amazes me every day. What a spectacular world we live in.

Marina copy

love their daddy


look at this






black and white


our boat



my boys



Seasons Greetings



What If?…


Have you ever wondered “What if” after escaping what could’ve become your ill fate if something or someone hadn’t stepped in and saved you? Just after it happens, you replay all of the circumstances leading up to it and truly get the magnitude of that guardian angel, force of nature, or in our case this time, a flat tire.

We were on a two line highway, traveling South about two hours from our destination on the Gold Coast. We were singing and laughing and enjoying our long drive. Suddenly, we heard a loud noise and our truck began swerving to the left. We tried to remain calm although we were on the edge of a blind turn with very little space on the side of the road. Next to us was a steeply sloped ditch.

My wonderful husband has many talents and skills but changing a tire isn’t one of them. So, he quickly got out and tried to flag someone down. We were amazed that a woman quickly pulled over and tried to help. She let Dana use her phone but he couldn’t get through to Roadside Assistance. As he was in front of us talking to her, another car pulled over across the street. A warm and friendly face looked over at us and this kind stranger asked if we needed any help.

Meet Matthew Britt. Matt actually passed us and felt compelled to turn around and help. He changed our tire in the hot sun as Dana acted as a shield with the very limited amount of space we had. We were all relieved when the tire was on and after many hugs, high fives and thank yous, headed off in amazement. We kept questioning why he was kind enough to stop and help us. The story doesn’t end here.

A few minutes later, we saw him in front of us waving to get off at the upcoming exit. We followed him and pulled over at a gas station. He told us he didn’t feel comfortable with our family driving all that way on a spare tire and offered us his car to drive the remainder of the way. As we spoke and filled the other tires with air, we learned a bit about him. He’s a daddy to four kids and such a warm and special spirit. We were again blown away by this person and proceeded on the highway en route to Surfer’s Paradise. The story doesn’t end here either.

Five minutes up the road, there were a dozen police cars and ambulances. We witnessed a deadly car accident with sheets over the deceased souls who had no idea these moments would be their last. It was a young family, we later found out.

We were all in shock and saddened by what we saw and the reality of how precious each moment is.

When we arrived at our destination and Matt got out of the car, we all hugged and had a deeply powerful moment. Matt said he had chills when we passed that accident and was in deep thought the whole drive. He then asked, “Have you ever wondered, What If? What if you didn’t get a flat tire. What if I didn’t turn around and pull over to change it? What if we didn’t pull over to switch cars? What if we were up the road in that exact moment? What if that was us?”

These are the moments when you feel the presence and reality of guardian angels. These are the moments when you realize it wasn’t your time yet. These are the moments you are deeply aware of divine intervention and significant connections you are meant to make in this life.

Matt told us how peculiar and out of the ordinary his day had been leading up to meeting us on the side of the road. He said that a strong feeling came over him to turn around and help us even though he could’ve just continued on his way. After changing our tire, another feeling came over him to pull us over and change cars.

We spent the evening hanging out together and we now have a new friend and family member in our lives. Matthew, we are so thankful for you. You are such a special and dear soul and we are so lucky to know you. We look forward to spending more time together somewhere…some day. Until then, we are grateful to be connected in this life.

Matt’s only request as we parted ways that evening was for us to pay it forward. This has been done already many times since then and we will continue to be a family that reaches out to those in need and to help whenever and wherever we can.

Live each and every moment and when you get a flat tire, embrace it. There is a reason for everything.


Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn

Aston Tropic

I loved knowing we were crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, the dividing line between the Southern Temperate Zone to the south and the tropics to the north. As our boys learn geography and understand where they are in relation to the equator and other parts of the world, this was fascinating for them. Pierce took these photos and we stayed over in Rockhampton for a night and then continued heading North. Our road trip along the coast has been beautiful and full of adventure.

Road trips inspire the most wonderful conversations and special moments shared together. Today, on the last 30 minute stretch of our drive, just as the boys woke up from a peaceful nap, AC/DC, Shook Me All Night Long, blasted through our truck!

Windows down, hair blowing, dancing, singing and laughing…it was one of those moments. You know the kind.

Loving my family. This road trip. Australia. Life is precious and I love sharing our journey with all of you.

Tropic Aston & Mommy



Tropic 1


The Wondrous Whitsundays


There aren’t words to describe the spectacular beauty of the Whitsunday Islands. We sailed around, snorkeled the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, enjoyed an Aussie Barbie and bathed ourselves in this luxurious white sand.

My Guys


the View


Wind and Waves


White Sandy

Aussie Barbie


Heart Island
We are so grateful for each day and We Love Australia.


Wilderness Explorers

Sandy Roo

On our way North, we visited the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We loved exploring and discovering our way through this wonderful and special place. Enjoy. xoxo

D & A

D & P



Koala Sweetness





Mr. Lizard



Wilderness Explorers


Fun on Sandy, Fraser Island

going fishing

We are loving this wonderful Australian Road Trip we’ve been on for the past month. Welcome to Fraser Island, one of our favorite stops so far. The boys enjoyed fishing lessons with the sensational and lovely, Kim Mergatroid at the Kingfisher Bay Resort. Since our boys are vegetarian, they chose to feed the fish instead of catch them. They got so excited when their bait disappeared.

We spent time walking through the rainforest, inspecting washed up jelly fish, drawing in the sand, swimming, and so much more. We enjoyed a scenic canoe ride, built sand castles and watched little creatures design beautiful sand art as they moved about.

A little Wikipedia on Fraser Island for you…

Fraser Island is a world heritage-listed island located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia. The island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. It is also Queensland’s largest island, Australia’s sixth largest island and the largest island on the East Coast of Australia.

I want to also mention how loved I feel here in Australia. The name SANDY is everywhere! Fraser island is part of the Fraser Coast Region and protected in the Great Sandy National Park. For a short period the island was known as Great Sandy Island and is separated from the mainland by Great Sandy Strait. The most northern point of the island is Sandy Cape. ❤






My Guys


We saw thousands of these soldier crabs on the beach and we were all fascinated. They ran in unison as we approached and quickly buried themselves until our shadows disappeared.

soldier crabs







Thank you again, Kim, for being so wonderful to all of us. We had the best time and enjoyed every single moment there.


Our Struggles Only Make Us Stronger

Baby Aston
On this day, four years ago, I gave birth to my second child. I witnessed and experienced bringing another precious, miraculous life into this world and into my heart forever. Our gentle, loving and sweet little warrior, Aston.


Our first nine months together were not easy. My lupus decided to painfully challenge us throughout my pregnancy. I spent a lot of time at the doctor and in the hospital as a high risk patient. All I wanted was to be healthy and to deliver a healthy baby boy. I remember lying on the table at the cardiologist’s office when they found fluid in my heart and around my lungs. I was having difficulty breathing and alarmingly low blood pressure. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Something very powerful happened. A calmness took over and replaced my fear. I trusted that I was meant to be a healthy mother to our two boys. I trusted that everything was going to be okay. One of the specialists said something after witnessing all of the drama Aston and I endured together. He told me that all of this suffering and all of these challenges would make Aston a stronger boy. He would get through anything, just as I would get through this.

A strong boy. That is an understatement.


hospital bed



yellow hospital

Aston spent much of his first two years of life in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices. His big brother never wanted to leave his side and was with us at every visit. He stood by him and comforted him through every test and felt his pain when he felt pain. He would put a bandaid on to make Aston feel better about wearing a bandaid. Their bond only strengthens with time.


my superheroes

I won’t go into all of the hardships he’s courageously faced up until now. I just wanted to share how brave and happy he is, despite the many struggles he’s faced. He is a survivor. He is a gentle ox and it’s so appropriate that his Chinese birth sign is just that.


He is such a wondrous and magical spirit. He melts our hearts with his loving and kind nature. He is self assured, yet open to the world and all there is to learn around him. He is so in touch with his surroundings and with humanity. His love exudes every breath, action and word he utters. He is glorious light in our lives each day.

Aston is a wise and old soul. He teaches and leads by example. He is a loyal and one of a kind friend and brother to Pierce.

He wakes up every single day with a huge and grateful smile on his face. He appreciates the very simple things in life and fundamentally gets what those things are. He warms my heart and touches my soul deeply…every moment. He amazes and inspires me every day.

Our adventure continues and he now gets to experience the world as a proud and healthy four year old. Two years ago, he was on a breathing machine daily. Witnessing him climbing the Great Wall of China, running along the beach and actively enjoying each moment of his life, is a wonderful miracle every day. He is up for anything and gives everything his all, with the purest heart and uninhibited passion. I am more grateful than I can express for his presence and love in our lives.



Thank you for celebrating with us today.

Happy Birthday, Baby Aston.


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