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Boys Waterfall FLOTG

After giving birth for the first time and choosing what instinctually felt right, I was told I wasn’t doing things the “right way.” I was, and still am, whispered about, talked about and judged by many. I know this because I eventually hear about it. I really don’t care what people say or think of me but today I’m choosing to use it as fuel for my message.

Since becoming a mother, I’ve witnessed how others live to judge and tell you, either to your face or behind your back, what you are doing wrong in terms of parenting. Everyone is an expert it seems. They will make it known every time they disagree with the way you choose to live your life or raise your children.

I live a life I am proud of. I hope you do as well. I am connected to my higher purpose. I am grateful for my family and my life. I am doing my best, with pure intentions, patience, acceptance and love in my heart.

I believe traveling is one of the best ways to open the mind to curiosity. You will not learn everything about the world while you are traveling but you will be exposed to new ways of life and things you never knew existed. I believe this is one of the most important decisions and choices my husband and I made. We are teaching our boys that the world we live in is not the only world there is.

Many people thought, and still think, we are crazy for not enrolling our boys in school yet and choosing this path of traveling. At the moment, the world is their school and education is in front of and around them every day, with ancient history, new cultures, different ways of life and more. What we choose to do in the future will be our decision. We will always do what is best for our children based on who they are and what they need.

People warned me if I breastfed too long, our boys would be weak or too attached. If I co-slept, they wouldn’t know how to be by themselves. Now these same people have bets that we won’t continue this journey for the year we planned and each is waiting to collect on that.

This time, it isn’t about extended breastfeeding, bedsharing, babywearing, or veganism, but rather, the fact that some people think we are doing a bad thing by traveling around the world with our children.

Our boys are strong, independent and can’t wait to venture out every day. They have beautiful and expressive spirits. They are centered and they are free. They are loving this experience and growing each day. We are all in this together. We all make time for our relationships and time alone.

Our kids are not perfect. We do not live a perfect life. We struggle and suffer and face challenges just like everyone else. I don’t claim to have everything figured out. I simply choose to have a positive outlook and a lot of gratitude for every day I am given.

As I type this right now, I question whether I should just let all of this go and not post my feelings about this matter. Maybe I should do what Abraham Lincoln used to do, write this letter, let it sit in my desk for a day and file it away, never to be sent. That isn’t the answer though. I am sharing this because I want to tell you to LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE. DO NOT let others put their self doubt, their unfulfilled dreams, their negative attitudes, fear or insecurities on You.

I am happy to be away from home right now. I am happy to be away from the microscopes, the expected norms of society and self-appointed, parental control officers. I am happy to be free in a world where togetherness and intimacy are not only accepted but encouraged. I am happy to raise our boys with our beliefs and values. I am happy they love and respect nature and are participants in other cultures and societies beyond the comfortable bubble we popped.

I am happy to make mistakes and learn from them without those people clapping their hands or smiling when we fail. I am happy we are all growing and enriching our lives and our relationships more than ever. I am happy we are in this together, through the good and bad.

If you want to join us on this journey, we are happy to have you. I believe we are raising boys that will be healthy, contributing parts of the society they choose to live in. This is what matters to us.

As for those of you who can relate to my feelings, please remember, this is Your life. You have been given what you see in the mirror and your choices are yours. Ask yourself if you are running away from something or chasing your dreams. Choose based on what you believe. I am not here to justify why I believe this journey is amazing or why I do anything for that matter, although this letter seems to be doing exactly that. I am sharing this with you because I hope you don’t feel the need to justify or defend against these types of people in your own lives. People who refuse to look in the mirror and would rather look out the window and tell others how to live.

I feel a lot better now. Even if I never post this, writing helps me work through my feelings. If in fact you are reading this, I believe I made the right decision in expressing myself. We will begin a new adventure today and enjoy each moment. I wish the same for you.


Enjoy Every Single Day of Your Life

Enjoy Every Day
We’ve been taking these amazing hikes through the rain forests in our area.

The vegetation is lush and beautiful. The waterfalls are spectacular. We enjoy the interesting creatures we encounter and the magnificent and peaceful river running through it all.

I love nature and so do our children. It’s wonderful to witness the awe and curiosity in their eyes as they experience and discover the world around them.

Here are a few simple, yet pertinent and loving dedications we stumbled upon today.

The boys want to plant a tree before we leave Bali and they asked if they could write the message. I can’t wait to hear it.


Best Friend

Enjoy your day.

Bali Nights


These Bali evenings will always be remembered and will always remain a part of us.
As the sun sets, we enjoy the moonlight, music playing, the flickering light of the tiki torches and the sound of the waves crashing. We truly love the peaceful and magical atmosphere that is…Bali.


The Light In Bali

I took this photo while riding through the rice paddies of Bali. I vividly remember these fields from my last visit here. For me, they symbolize peace, solitude and harmony…a few of the elements I need and strive for in my daily life.

I remember when I read Eat, Pray, Love and then saw the film. We were taken on a journey through one woman’s quest for inner peace. She ate delicious food in Italy and enjoyed life, which awakened her senses like never before. She found her spirituality in India. She then came here, to Ubud, to find balance and ultimately found Love. The medicine man she visited here does exist and he is now just over 100 years old. I may go visit him or I may just let what is naturally happening, continue.

I suppose I’m thinking of this book and film because I am here, in my very favorite town and cultural center of Bali…Ubud. This village is filled with amazing artists, culture, yoga, nature, rice paddies, and a bohemian, earthy, spiritually awakening atmosphere which I cannot get enough of.

In all of my travels around the world on this trip and others, I find myself very interested in the citizens of each country and their culture. I like to see how they live, what they value, what they stand for, and how they treat others. There are two places in this world so far, in which I have met the kindest, warmest and most generous human beings. The first is, Ireland. The second, is Bali.

Indonesia is split religiously between Hinduism, Muslim and Christianity. Bali is predominantly Hindu. I am not a religious person although I consider myself deeply spiritual. I have never witnessed such a peaceful religion. The energy here and everywhere we go is gentle and kind. Balinese people prepare offerings and pray three times a day asking for good blessings. They strongly believe in Karma and live their lives, speak their words and treat others with that in mind. They truly think about what they are doing or saying before they take action. They want to ensure that these align with their intention, purpose and good will for others.

Tonight, I had to write and share this. As a citizen of the United States of America and a witness to all of the violent, senseless and evil crime that takes place in this world, I see light. I see that we each play a role and have the power to make a difference. Not all people of any race, religion, or country are good. Not all people are bad. We are all different and responsible for our own actions and what we choose to give and take from this world.

That said, it is possible for ONE person to cause Hate and it is just as possible for one person to cause LOVE.

I thank you, Bali, for shining brightly during a dark time in our world. I thank you, for choosing Love and for generously giving that to our family. I promise to act with the same kindness and to offer whatever I can to you and all people.


From Bali With Love

Bali Nights
We’ve been here in Bali for a week now. This place is so romantic in it’s atmosphere. The lifestyle and homes are indoor/outdoor and I believe this is the most peaceful way to live. The only rooms enclosed, generally, are the bedrooms. You can tuck away at night enveloped in the sheer and seductive surroundings of a mosquito net. The bathroom is outside and the feeling of bathing and showering in the fresh air is invigorating, yet tranquil. The day beds are heavenly. While everyone is asleep, I’m enjoying the breeze, staring at the moon, listening to the sound of the fountain pouring into the pool, basking in the scent of lavender incense and sharing it all with you.

We spend our days at the beach and each day is just amazing. We are having the greatest time in the ocean and building many sand castles and moats. We run, we laugh, we play, we live. We’ve been enjoying the breathtaking sunsets each night and I can’t even express the feelings that come over me in each moment while here.

We run along the beach at night and chase each other through the water as the tide leaves it’s glistening shadows on the shore. The tiki torches and moon illuminate our view each evening. We sink into cozy cushions on the sand and have dinner while listening to live music. Oh…If I could only bottle this up. All of it. This doesn’t feel like a vacation. It feels like where we are meant to be. Bali feels like home.

We are going to spend some time here, traveling around. I almost moved here when I was 27. I had dreams of learning to play piano, writing, taking pictures, painting and creating art. I spent time in factories and wanted to produce handmade products with Love and have this back drop as my home. I didn’t make the move at that time and I believe it was all part of the plan. The seed was planted and now it’s grown into a beautiful flower. The future will soon be revealed.

The opportunity to travel is one that I hope you all take. In any form. Travel outside of where you are comfortable and away from all that is familiar.  Even if it’s close by, explore the world around you. Expose yourself to something new and different. It will truly enhance your life. I am grateful for a life that is unpredictable.

I’ve been writing this post over the past couple of nights and am just finishing it now. Our little Aston has had a rough few days with asthma. It breaks my heart seeing either of our kids suffering…in any way. I’m sure you can relate. Life truly has it’s ups and downs, magical moments and challenges. I can only say that it’s in these times that I am even more thankful that we are truly living. I am here to hold and nurture my boys through all of it and at the same time, I encourage them to spread their little wings and explore the world around them.

I am hoping for a better day tomorrow and I can’t wait for Aston’s breathing to get back to normal. He has the sweetest and most optimistic disposition. He will survive this as he does everything else he’s been dealt so far. As I watch him sleep and struggling to breathe, I realize how precious each breath we take is. Hopefully, we utilize this gift of life wisely. I’m doing my best everyday and at the moment, Bali is the perfect place to do it in.

Much Love from the Island of the Gods.


Going Home…To Bali

Welcome to Bali
We are 30,000 ft in the air and just left Singapore for Bali…a destination that holds a very special place in my heart.

I first visited Bali by myself at the end of 1999. A new millennium was approaching and I needed and wanted something to inspire me and shift my perspective. I wanted to bring in the New Year powerfully and I thought Bali sounded like the perfect place to do it.

That trip changed my life. I’ve never been one to fear the unknown and I’ve always enjoyed taking random and spontaneous adventures from time to time. I still do. They always allow me to discover myself and the ways in which I’m meant to fit into this vast world. Actually, I never really want to fit in. I simply want to make a difference by accepting myself and truly living my own life with no fear of judgment or need for praise. This is who I am and I’m grateful to say that proudly at this point in my life.

We all have a unique presence and purpose here. I’ve always known this. I’ve never wanted to follow the herd or assimilate any particular mold. I just want to embrace my true spirit in order to fulfill my callings, I suppose. I still feel the same today and I continue on this journey with all of my heart.

For the past 13 years, Bali has been a part of my being. I wondered when I would go back and how it would feel again. Now…Here I am. I’m with my husband and my two sons, six and a half months into our ‘around the world’ adventure.  We are landing shortly and I feel like we are going home. All of the feelings I’ve carried with me are waking up and stimulating my soul in this moment.

To be continued…



We are loving Singapore. I was once told by someone that this is a British Irvine. I now understand that statement.

It’s as if the city planners went to Orange County, California and duplicated it.

This city is filled with families, family activities, and young, vibrant energy. They even have Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ( CA people understand! )

All of the luxuries and conveniences of the US surround us and I will admit, it’s comforting.

That said, we are looking forward to leaving the comforts and venturing off again tomorrow to foreign lands!

I believe it’s in the unknown and outside of what we are accustomed to, spaces, that we truly experience magic and grow. I’m grateful and excited.

Six Months and New Beginnings

It’s been 6 months since we left the US and began this amazing and insightful journey around the world.

I want to thank all of you for sharing and connecting with us.

I have more stories and photos than I can keep up with and over time, I will share all of them with you.

I am grateful for the people we’ve crossed paths with and the new friendships created.

I am looking forward to new adventures ahead and new people we are meant to meet.

I am thankful for my Family. This Experience. My Life. Existence.

I can’t express enough how precious life is. Good and bad. Ups and downs. There is not a moment I don’t appreciate or savor.

This is it. Our one chance here, in this skin. I’m Living. I’m Free. I’m Loving With All of My Heart.

Today, we begin a new journey as we leave Europe to discover new lands and a new continent. These first 6 months have been truly amazing, even considering the many bumps along the road. I am excited about today and the next 6 months!

Our boys are incredible travelers and whether our travel days are 5 hours or 20 hours, they just roll with it all.

We feel very lucky and thankful.

The Love I feel for my family is immeasurable. I can’t express the depth, happiness and joy this love brings me each day. My boys and I had an hour long laughing session tonight as we played on the bed. These are the moments I will never forget. Being their Mom and witnessing their lives and smiles each day is the greatest gift I’m given. They truly are the light and soul of my life.

Thank you all for being a part of this and I hope to connect with you along the way.

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Much Love From Us

My Time Travel Through Ancient Rome

Rome holds a special place in my soul. I first visited this powerful and ancient city eight years ago. Something happened on that visit that I will never forget and I want to share it with you.

I was walking through ruins dated over 2,700 years old and there was a point when chills took over my body. I had to stop in that exact spot in that exact moment. It was like a time machine played in my mind for a split second. I saw and felt myself amongst the Romans thousands of years ago. I heard the chatter around me and I felt the presence and dominance that was, and still is, Rome.

After those seconds passed, I looked down toward the ground just so I could take a breath. There, lying at my feet, was a perfectly shaped rock in the form of a heart. That rock has resided on my many nightstands since that day and I have it with me on this journey.

As I walk through this vast world, I immerse myself in all that surrounds me. I pick up the good energy and I let the bad pass through me. Each day goes by so quickly because I am present to my family and my environment. I am aware that each person we cross paths with and each experience we have is part of why we are here. All of these pieces contribute to the foundation on which we all stand. I believe that when you are truly present to your life, all will eventually be revealed. When things don’t make sense or you can’t understand why something can be so awful or challenging, I believe these things either have a way of making sense eventually or they form and strengthen you just as they are supposed to.

Rome has also been a significant place for my children. Pierce took his first steps here at the same place we are staying in now, four years ago. It was a such a special and joyous moment and a memory I will always cherish. In addition, this will be the city where they endured chicken pox. They have great spirits and actually find all of this quite fascinating. I am the one suffering just seeing their precious little faces and bodies covered in these spots. I’m hoping we are through the rough part and we will continue our homeopathic remedies, oatmeal baths and Love. We can now check chicken pox off the list and add it to the table of contents in our story.

We will soon begin the next part of our journey on a new continent and we are looking forward to all that lies ahead. I’m grateful for the special people we’ve met so far along the way and I will look forward to the souls we are meant to meet in the future.

I would like to share this. Allow yourself to be open and connect to all of whom and what you are supposed to. It could be a link from your past which will enrich your present or it could be someone or something that may present a sign of something ahead in your future. Let the energy in and feel all that it represents. Welcome Connection. Connection to self, to others, to humanity and to this world…Take it all in. It is all meant to mold and give wings to this unique and extraordinary Being that is, YOU.


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